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  • What is BIP?

    The first-ever fintech platform that seeks to connect new investors to a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrency based funds in a simple and easy manner.

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  • Key Features

    We aim to be a simple, secure, and affordable platform

  • Efficient Backend

    This platform is an efficient medium for investors to meet experienced traders. An automated verification process is planned for fund-managers. Investors will simply sign-up and choose their favorite fund. We take care of the rest.

  • Transparent

    Investors are provided with several data-points about different funds and fund-managers. Examples include historical fund performance and trends. A 2-way communication system between fund-managers and users to connect and clarify.

  • Secure

    Several innovative solutions are planned to ensure BIP is secure and transparent. This includes a proprietary multi-step auditing procedure "SmartAudit" that will provide Proof of Solvency on Ethereum's Public Blockchain.


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    An algorithm that uses several unique indicators to analyse the ‘risk level’ of individual cryptocurrencies in detail. An important innovation to help new investors, often unaware of risks associated in cryptocurrencies. Factors that indicate the given risk level will be provided transparently.

  • security


    The SmartAudit Contract is a two-step auditing solution to verify and prove that the platform has control of each user’s declared funds (Proof of Solvency). This multi-step auditing procedure will prevent fake website data from being recorded and prevent fake report generation.

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    BlockAttest is a unique coded mechanism to secure and avoid any fake report generation. BlockAttest will verify and sign documents generated by SmartAudit Contract. Verified signatures will be stored on the Public blockchain and the Platform's central server.

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