J Invest - Blockchain Investment Platform Brand Name

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  • To provide incentive to early contributors, 2.5% of all tokens will be distributed for referral rewards.

    Each sucessful referral will result in an extra 5% on the amount bought by referred buyers.

Token Allocation

  • Tokens will be distributed in the following proportions:

    • 30% tokens during the Presale and Crowdsale

    • 5% tokens for Referral Rewards and Bounty Programs

    • 25% tokens after Platform Launch

    • 10% tokens for Founders, Advisors and team members

    • 15% tokens for Other Expenses

    • 15%  as Reserve Fund

Reward Rate

  • Investors will get bonus tokens for contributing early in the crowdsale.

    The rewards are calculated based on the time the tokens have one confirmation on the Ethereum network.

    This presale will issue ERC-20 Standard tokens.